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Dr Isabel Straw

Digital Clinician

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Dr Isabel Straw

BMedSci, BMBS, MPH, MRes, PhD (c)

Emergency Doctor 
Artificial Intelligence & Security Researcher

Director @bleepDigital

Selected peer-reviewed publications

  • Straw, I., Rees, G. & Nachev, P. 21st century medicine and emerging biotechnological syndromes: a cross-disciplinary systematic review of novel patient presentations in the age of technology. BMC Digit Health 1, 41. 2023. Read here.

  • Straw I, Tanczer L. Safeguarding patients from technology-facilitated abuse in clinical settings: A narrative review. PLOS Digital Health. 2023. Read here.

  • SLi, Yang, Mandalari AM, Straw I. Who Let the Smart Toaster Hack the House? An Investigation into the Security Vulnerabilities of Consumer IoT Devices. arXiv. 2023.

  • Straw I, Rees G, Nachev P. Sex-Related Performance Disparities in Cardiac Machine Learning Algorithms: A Quantitative Evaluation of Fairness. Journal of Medical Internet Research. JMIR Preprints, 2023. Read here.

  • Brass, I., Straw, I., Mkwashi, A., Charles, I., Soares, A., Steer, C. Emerging Digital Technologies in Patient Care: Dealing with connected, intelligent medical device vulnerabilities and failures in the healthcare sector. Workshop Report. London: PETRAS National Centre of Excellence in IoT Systems Cybersecurity. (2023). DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8011139  

  • Neubauer L, Straw I, Mariconti E, Tanczer L. ‘A Systematic Literature Review of the Use of Computational Text Analysis Methods in Intimate Partner Violence Research’. Journal of Family Violence, 2023. Read here

  • Straw I, Ashworth C, Radford N. ‘When Brain Devices Go Wrong: A Patient with a Malfunctioning Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS) Presents to the Emergency Department’. British Medical Journal (BMJ) Case Reports, vol. 15, no. 12, Dec. 2022. Read here.

  • Carruthers, R., Straw, I., Ruffle, J.K. et al. Representational ethical model calibration. Nature Digital Medicine. 5, 170 2022. Read here.

  • Straw I, and Wu H. ‘Investigating for Bias in Healthcare Algorithms: A Sex-Stratified Analysis of Supervised Machine Learning Models in Liver Disease Prediction’. British Medical Journal, Health & Care Informatics, v.29, no. 1 2022. Read here.

  • Straw I, Callison-Burch C. “Artificial Intelligence in mental health and the biases of language-based models”. PLOS ONE, vol. 15, no. 12, p. e0240376. Dec 2020. Read here

  • Straw, I. “The automation of bias in medical Artificial Intelligence (AI): Decoding the past to create a better future”. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, vol. 110, (Nov. 2020). Read here.

  • Straw, I. ‘Ethical Implications of Emotion Mining in Medicine’. Health Policy and Technology, vol. 10, no. 1. pp. 191–95. (2021) Read here.

  • Straw, I., D Hargreaves, R Shah. ‘Adolescent Mental Illness and the Widening Gap between Rich and Poor’. Archives of Disease in Childhood, vol. 104, no. Suppl 2, May 2019, pp. A243–44. Read here

  • Straw, I, Thornton M, Hassan F et al. ‘Knife Crime in London, UK: A Youth Perspective’. The Lancet, vol. 392, Nov. 2018, p. S85. Read here.

  • Straw I, Hassan F, Dobbin J et a.. ‘Sexual Health of Female Asylum-Seeking Teenagers: Identifying Knowledge Gaps, Tackling Perceived Barriers, and Suggestions for Intervention’. The Lancet, vol. 392, Nov. 2018. Read here.

Additional publications, policy contributions & media

Contribution to policies and recommendations

  • Van Niekerk D, Pérez-Ortiz M, Shawe-Taylor J, Orlič D, Siminyu K, Deisenroth M, Fasli M, Adams R, Drobnjak I, Moorosi N, Holmes W, Oliver N, Mladenic D, Eliassi-Rad T, Firth-Butterfield K, Straw I, Chair C, Aneja U, Kay J, and Siegel N. “I don’t have a gender, consciousness, or emotions. I’m just a machine learning model.” International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) under the auspices of UNESCO, United Nations. 2023. Read here.

  • United Nations (UNECO). Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Contributed to draft and edits during placements in 2019 & 2021 (Paris HQ). Read here.

News articles and features

  • Straw, I. “I am yet to meet a young person that has not experienced some form of abuse via tech”. Bentham’s Gaze, 1 Sept. 2022. Read here

  • Straw I. "The Doctor-AI Relationship: Medicine in a Digital World". Adventure Medic Magazine. April 2022. Read here.

  • National media feature & interview. Bawden, T. ‘AI Will Soon Be Everywhere in the NHS. It’s a Risk for Women and Ethnic Minorities, Experts Say’. INews. The Independent (2022). Read here

  • Research feature: University College London. ‘Gender Bias Revealed in AI Tools Screening for Liver Disease’. UCL News. July 2022. Read here

Poster presentations & Lectures

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